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The Hague is a royal city with an international reputation. It is the best of all worlds, from its historic city centre and world-famous museums to the beach and sea.

The Hague, La Haye, La Haya: whether you speak English, French or Spanish, The Hague is known all over the world. The city’s Peace Palace is home to the United Nations International Court of Justice, the world’s leading peace and justice body. The Hague also plays an important role at the federal level. It is the home and workplace of King Willem- Alexander and the seat of Parliament, which meets in the Binnenhof.

The Binnenhof is part of the historic city centre, an excellent place to stroll, especially for art enthusiasts, with many renowned museums within walking distance. Especially for art lovers, too, with so many renowned museums within walking distance of each other. The Mauritshuis, for example, houses the finest Dutch paintings from the time of Rembrandt and Vermeer. Here you can get see Vermeer’s famous Girl with a Pearl Earring. There are also museums exhibiting the works of other prominent Dutch artists, such as Mondrian and Escher, in the city.

Perhaps The Hague’s finest feature is its location by the sea. After a day of exploring the city, you can catch a breath of fresh air on the North Sea beaches of Scheveningen or Kijkduin. Or go on a bike ride through the dunes. Get away from it all and enjoy nature.

You can also shop and dine to your heart’s content in The Hague. The city has hosted international sporting events for many years, including world cups in field hockey, beach volleyball and sailing. The Tour de France also has a lengthy history in The Hague, passing through the city in 1954 and 1978. In 1973, Scheveningen hosted the Grand Départ. The Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift has now been added to this list.