Cycling city Dordrecht aims to be in top 10 most sportive cities
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Colors yellow in many ways

The Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift 2024 as an event fits Dordrecht perfectly. It fits with the city, with its people, and with its ambitions. Dordrecht is already a true cycling city and wants to evolve even more.

Why does it fit the city? Dordrecht is a city on an island, measuring about 100 square kilometres, of which a large part is in the countryside. Dordrecht’s historic city centre is car-free, and attractive cycling routes run from the city to the countryside. Centuries-old dykes are ideal connections between the city and National Park de Biesbosch. The various districts of Dordrecht also devote a lot of attention to good cycle paths, making many trips faster by bike than by any other means of transport.

Why does it fit with the people? The locals called Dordtenaren love to cycle. Both in daily commutes to school, work, or for shopping, and in sporting and recreational terms. With DRC De Mol, Dordrecht has one of the oldest cycling clubs in the Netherlands (founded in 1933!). With DTC De Mol it also has a very active touring cycling club. Both clubs have classics, such as the Ronde van Dordrecht and the Zwijndrecht-Zwijndrecht tour (220 kilometres). And in addition, we see that more and more people are using bikes for sporting purposes outside of those clubs, individually or in groups.

Why does it fit our ambitions? Dordrecht municipality encourages cycling. Firstly, as a means of sustainable mobility. Dordrecht wants to be climate-neutral by 2040, and bicycle use contributes to this. Increased bicycle use has a positive effect on the economic functioning of the town centre, shopping centres and facilities. Increased bicycle use may also reduce pressure on parking facilities. In addition, a good cycling climate contributes positively to improving air quality, reducing noise pollution and increasing of social safety.

But above all, cycling also promotes health, including a healthy body weight. Dordrecht municipality wants to be a vital city, where health is a top priority. Cycling contributes to health in many ways: it strengthens muscles, is good for the heart and blood vessels, boosts your resistance and even keeps your brain healthy.

Sport is not only good for your health. Sport binds the society together. It creates connections, prevents loneliness, and promotes meeting others. It disciplines and enables healthy ageing. Dordrecht has the ambition to be in the Top 10 sportiest cities in the Netherlands. Events such as the Tour de France Femmes contribute to this. It does so precisely by connecting with the city and its residents, and thus stimulating cycling. And just as Dordrecht has both a road cycling club and a touring cycling club with De Mol, Dordrecht focuses on competitive cycling and recreational cycling around the Tour de France Femmes.

The focus of Dordt

Competitive cycling
We have a focus in our programming on children and young people. We organise four fat tyre races across the city. We offer schools a clinic at De Mol cycling circuit. Young people can participate in the Cycling Tour from House of Esports. We also organise a special Lucinda Brand Online Challenge four times. In this way, we make cycling visible in the city and also bring cycling from the city and schools to the beautiful cycling circuit in Dordrecht.

Recreational cycling
Here, we have a focus in programming on (young) adults and special attention for women. We use the NTFU’s existing Start2Bike concept but expand it. Therefore, we will also hold a Lucinda Brand Challenge four times for this target group, and there will be various tour rides. On Sunday 11 August, there will be two tour rides passing through Dordrecht.

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Ambassador Lucinda Brand
A special role is reserved for Lucinda Brand, the multiple cyclo-cross and road racing champion from Dordrecht. With this ambassadorship, Lucinda wants to inspire Dordrecht residents to take up sports and exercise. Using beautiful routes through nature and city centre, she shows that cycling is beautiful for everyone and at every level.

“Encouraging an active lifestyle is very important to me. Cycling is an ideal, easy means to get your exercise despite a busy life. In the run-up to the start of the Tour de France Femmes in our city, I hope to inspire Dordrechters to take their bikes more often.”

Days of celebration
Tuesday 13 August is the special day for Dordrecht of course, but even in the weekend before there will be plenty of activities in the city centre to get into the French atmosphere already. The city will be turned yellow in all sorts of ways.

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