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Discover the city Dordrecht

Dordrecht is in the spotlight during the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, which is only fitting for this undiscovered pearl. A city full of monuments and quaint streets.

Tired of famous but crowded cities like Paris and Barcelona? Then it’s time to visit Dordrecht. This advice comes from the British newspaper The Times, which listed Dordrecht as one of Europe’s top 30 ‘hidden gems’.

This is a deserved compliment for Holland’s oldest city, where past and present meet in a way that surprises every visitor. If you love walking through historic city centres and getting lost in centuries-old streets, you will find everything you are looking for here. Take the ‘Rondje Dordrecht’ along the monuments, stopping along the way to shop in the most charming boutiques, art galleries and local shops.

You can also explore the city by boat or from the air. For a spectacular view of the city, climb the 275 steps of the Church of Our Lady’s 65-metre tower. It is two metres out of plumb, making it more crooked than the world-famous Tower of Pisa!

Dordrecht is also modern. The Dordrechts Museum features a priceless collection of modern and contemporary art in addition to works by the classic masters. Afterwards, why not venture out into the countryside? The Biesbosch National Park is only a stone’s throw away. Hop on a boat and cruise through the park, taking in the beautiful scenery.